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About the calendar (biological) method of contraception - advantages and disadvantages, fertile period and contra-indications ...


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Online Pregnancy Planner - free pregnancy and ovulation calculator

We would like to present you our innovative invention - "Online Pregnancy Planner"!

The Planner will help you know the preferred days for contraception. It will let you plan ahead the optimal time for conception if you plan to get pregnant. Or it will let you know when your chances of getting pregnant increase, and therefore you can reliably prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Moreover you can receive this information timely to your e-mail or mobile phone!

Stop abortions, choose safe sex!

What are the advantages of our free pregnancy calculator?

  • You will always be aware of the period when your chances of getting pregnant increase for conception.
  • You will always be aware of the next menstrual period date.
  • You will always be able to control the "dangerous" days, if pregnancy is unwanted.
  • You will have all calculations organized in a convenient table for 12 cycles ahead, so you will always be able to plan your working and recreation activities, and your future pregnancy for 12 months ahead.
  • For your convenience you can receive the information to your e-mail or mobile phone in a coding of you preference, the information is sent the day before the most favorable contraception time.
  • The method is simple to use. You can always correct the calculations if your menstrual cycle became irregular.
  • Confidentiality and safety!
  • This service is FREE!

This service is based on the safest biological method of contraception, in other words, on calendar method. This method is recommended only if your menstrual cycle had been regular during the last year. Otherwise (irregular menstrual cycle, pregnancy less than one year ago) the method might be inefficient.

Plan your own sexual life now!

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